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Lost No More

Don't worry. No spoilers in this space. That's not what this is about. Chances are the debate will rage for a few days: was it good, did we like it, did it satisfy, did it live up to the hype ? But funnily enough, for me, that's not what this was all about. I was in it for the thrill. Like every series with a few too many episodes (why can't US network TV channels learn from the Brits: keep it brief but good, quality over quantity) not every episode was as satisfying as the next. But there were some moments of real brilliance in this show. The episode "The Constant" always comes to mind when I think of perfect TV moments. There were moments where the writing, the cinematography, the music, the editing, all of it just combined perfectly and offered us, the viewers, a great ride. So what if all loose ends are not neatly tied up ? That's not what this was about. Every week you were asked to suspend disbelief and just go for it. And in the process, every once in a while, we were confronted with some thought provoking ideas. It wasn't "deep", but got you thinking nonetheless. For all of that and more we will remember it fondly. Now if only the networks stopped canceling every show that doesn't turn into a ratings hit overnight and allowed some stories to develop at their own pace, we might actually continue to get some quality TV thrown at us sometimes. For now, however, they seem to have simply "lost" their way.

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