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Let Me Out

And here is one more thing a smartphone will do for you: open and close locks, doors, gates, you name it. Judging by the video this is a nicely executed solution to one more problem we did not even know we had. Product site is here.


iPad Magic

Words won't do this video any justice. Just watch it.


An Apple First: a Pre-announcement

This morning Apple came out with a press release pre-announcing the iCloud service. I can't remember such a practice in the past 10+ years. What happened for Apple to suddenly "ruin" the surprise ?
One can posit that with all the rumors about iCloud making the rounds these pas few weeks, there wasn't much of a surprise left to....surprise anyone with. But there has to be more to the story.
My thought is that Apple are trying to lower certain iPhone-specific expectations. Most industry pundits are no doubt expecting an iPhone 5 announcement, or at the very least an iPhone 4S. Maybe this is Apple's not so subtle way of telling us to expect something else. But knowing them, Jobs might still pull a now famous "one more thing" and drop a new iPhone on us anyway. All will be answered on June 6 - D Day.


Lazy Vulcan Mind Meld

A few days ago Electra Records came out with this "official alternative" music video to the Bruno Mars hit "The Lazy Song". In it you have Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame acting out the song, in many ways reminding us of The Dude in The Big Lebowsky. Some people have questioned the "why" of his involvement in this project. It appears that a little over twenty years ago Nimoy married the mother of the Atlantic Records executive who signed Bruno Mars to the label. In my opinion the video is waayyy too good for the song but I'll let you judge for yourselves.


They're just selling Air

A few weeks back I posted the TV commercial for the new MacBook Air on this site. It was shortly after I got my own 13 inch model (and for the record I still think it's THE COOLEST MAC I have EVER owned). Now an Israeli comedian called Pini and his mates have produced a very funny parody of that commercial selling....nail clippers. The Nail Clipper Air. The actual video it spoofs can be seen here


The Tablet Computer of the Future

This is cool. The video below was produced in 1994. You will see a group of people dreaming up what a Tablet Newspaper would look like. The idea back then was that somewhere around the year 2000 people would be using such tablet computers to consume news. Once you realise that these people were dreaming all of this up just as the internet was coming to the fore and at a time where things like embedding YouTube videos wasn't even conceivable, it's pretty interesting. Listen to how the concept of hyperlinks is described and you realise how far we have come in a very short time. In any case, as we now know, it would take about 10 years more, until the advent of the iPad, for the tablet computer trend to really take off.


Sometimes it just doesn't work

A while back we wrote about a Kickstarter project that looked kind of cool. As it happens this particular project did not get sufficient support and has therefore been shelved. Hey, happens, what can you do.

Now a new story emerges about a group of designers trying to combine the beauty of a Leica camera and the functionality of the iPhone4. Check out the designs shown on their site. Could be quite a product if it ever actually sees the light of day.



iPad and now

Using the front-facing camera of the iPad 2 to track the head of the user, a couple of French guys at the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research group have created this little wonder: glasses-free monocular 3D display on an iPad2. For now they have achieved this without using the accelerometers. Just imagine the applications we might see if these guys go commercial with this tech.


Moving Music

I have been enjoying my JAMBOX by JAWBONE for a few days now. Really cool little piece of gear. But today I realised that the little rascal was actually having a good time all on his own. While I wasn't looking the little guy decided to get his groove on and dance to the beat. I discreetly caught the action on my iPhone and here it is in all its glory. Look ma, no hands.

Moving Music Jambox from Jehuda Saar on Vimeo.


How to monitor your weight when you're a geek

So is this how I will finally do it: get my weight in check ? Cool video says it all.


Goldmember's iPad

OK, I'll admit it: the primary reason for showing this video here is the accent. It is without a doubt my favourite accent ever. Those of you who know me have heard me do the Dutch accent countless times. It just so happens that the product shown is really nice as well. These guys clearly got to work really fast after the iPad 2 announcement. Assuming I actually broke down and went for an iPad 2, I would give this little accessory a long, hard look. The company behind it is Miniot. Geweldig.


The best camera is the one you have with you...

I had previously posted a story about Kickstarter and how it acts as a funding platform for creative projects. Here is a new one. The saying goes that the best camera you own is the one you have with you when you need to take a picture. For iPhone 4 users there now is a new way to carry your phone around: as a camera. The video explains it best and details are available on the Kickstarter website. Still about one month to go to get in on this one so if taking pictures on your iPhone 4 is your "thing", go for it.


Children of Men

Take a couple of 2 year olds, give them each an iPad and let them play around with it. Before you know it you realise two things (1) Apple owns these kids for life and (2) when this current crop of 2 year olds grow up I am not sure we will even be able to communicate with them anymore given our old-fashioned ways of doing things, out thinking, our language and whatever else is bound to change over time as they grow up and acquire skills we can't even start to predict. Check out these two videos and let your imagination roam a little. You'll understand what I mean.


I Want My iPad MTV

You knew it was only a matter of time (and very little of it) before someone produced a music video using only iPads. Remedy Films apparently produced this clip in 25 hours: 8 hours in line to purchase the four iPads, 5 hours of filming and 12 hours of editing (they shot the whole thing on iPads but I have a feeling they used pro editing software after that). The result is not bad at all considering the limitations of the equipment. Chances are we will see a lot more of these homegrown projects as people start getting the hang of the hardware and more video-specific iPad software gets published. Should be interesting.


The iPad scoop we somehow missed

A few weeks before the actual release of the iPad 2 these Scandinavian guys seem to have gotten their hands on a top secret prototype model. This is actually a very cute video with a lot of cool masking effects to achieve the desired result.

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